Proven products and technologies

Over the six decades of the existence of the Czech archaeological concession in Egypt, our archaeologists have successfully tried a number of Czech products and technologies. The life of foodstuffs was tested, as was the durability of footwear or the efficiency of air-handling systems. For more information, see the page History of testing in Egypt.

The newly registered trademark Prověřeno v poušti (Proven in the Desert), however, opens a new chapter of testing of products and technologies. You can become part of it. How? Contact us.

Already in this autumn, scientists from the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University will test the footwear of the Czech company Prabos. The information on how it performs will be available on this site.


The aim of the publication of data about the tested products and technologies by means of a form is to provide transparent information to the candidates or consumers about the entire course of the testing, the outcomes of the test and prospective recommendations.